Adaptable Furniture Systems

In today’s laboratory environment, it is common for research requirements, equipment needs and personnel dynamics to evolve and as a result, more is required of the lab spaces that our valued customers are working in. Provincial Lab Systems offers a premium line of flexible furniture systems designed to provide space adaptability, mobility, ease of use and the option for future expansion within an evolving organization or growing facility.

Our FlexT line of table frames offers both a functional and sleek design with square post solid welded construction. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, these modular tables can be used in conjunction with suspended, mobile or floor-mounted casework. Optional casters provide the option to relocated tables to adapt and meet each laboratory’s unique requirements.
Adjustable Height Workstation Frames are available in a variety of sizes, colours and functional abilities to suit laboratory environments where ergonomic capabilities and accessibility are areas of high importance. Raised or lowered electronically or manually, Workstation Frames accommodate all work styles and can be relocated within the lab.
Laboratories requiring storage space above workstations can make use of a variety of island, floor, or wall-mounted adjustable shelving systems. Space-saving upright posts can be floor or deck mounted and are slotted at 1” increments allow shelf brackets to be mounted at varying heights to suit the user. Shelving systems are customizable and adaptable to accommodate changing space requirements.
Overhead Service Carrier units are designed to accommodate communication, power and a variety of service connections above workstations, optimizing space on the work surface. Overhead and Ceiling Service Panel units can be configured and located to suit the mobile needs of the lab.
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