Fume Hoods

Laboratory professionals and students nationwide depend on the safety of the fume hoods that Provincial Lab Systems provides. The safety and protection of our customers is our primary concern and we are happy to provide our industry expertise to ensure that the design of the fume hood that you purchase is compatible with the type and nature of work that will be performed.

Only specially designed fume hoods should be used for perchloric acid procedures. Other specialized applications may require explosion-proof fixtures, special liner materials or fire extinguisher systems.

At Provincial Lab Systems, your safety is our top priority.

Common Fume Hood Types

Bench Fume Hoods
The most common hood type used for general chemistry procedures. Specialized versions include ADA Bench Hoods to meet an accessibility requirement, as well as Radioisotope and Perchloric Hoods

Walk-In Hoods
A floor-to-ceiling fume hood for chromatography, distillation, pilot plant mock-ups, vat drug preparations and other procedures requiring large equipment inside the containment chamber.

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Product Warranty
Provincial Lab Systems guarantees their fume hood products with a standard 5-year warranty!

Your new Fume Hood as-manufactured is not only one of the safest in the industry, it is the result of extensive research and development to ensure that the fume hood is both economical and efficient. All fume hoods are designed, manufactured and certified to SEFA standards and are independently tested to ASHRAE 110-16 methods of testing.

Protecting the environment is high on Provincial Lab System’s list of priorities. We are continuously seeking new ways to use less energy, use recycled materials and to practice environmentally sound processes through both the manufacturing and installation phases of premium product and service delivery. We have recently introduced LED lighting, Greenstone Epoxy Resin work surfaces with post-consumer recycled content, higher performance fume hoods that operate at greater efficiencies, and more recently—the Green Energy Fume Hood.

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