Premium Wood Laboratory Casework

Provincial Lab Systems is an established manufacturer of premium quality wood laboratory casework that meets and exceeds AWMAC and SEFA standards. We can offer a wide variety of hardwood veneers, laminates, institutional hardware and chemical resistant stain finishes resulting in that warm and rich traditional look.

Premium Painted Metal Casework

Provincial Lab Systems takes pride in delivering a quality product that is built to last. Our premium painted metal casework options offer durable, flexible and accessible lab design solutions to suit our customers’ needs and are constructed to meet SEFA standards. Painted metal casework is available in a variety of sizes, configurations and colours.

Premium Stainless Steel Casework

Stainless steel furniture and casework are ideal products to consider for a laboratory environment, providing a highly durable and sterile work setting that is easily cleaned and maintained. Provincial Lab Systems can offer a fully customizable stainless steel solution to suit the requirements of your lab, including a full range of stainless steel cabinetry, table frames, counter tops with integral sinks, or custom work stations.

Fume Hoods

Laboratory professionals and students nationwide depend on the safety of the fume hoods that Provincial Lab Systems provides. The safety and protection of our customers is our primary concern and we are happy to provide our industry expertise to ensure that the design of the fume hood that you purchase is compatible with the type and nature of work that will be performed.

Only specially designed fume hoods should be used for perchloric acid procedures. Other specialized applications may require explosion-proof fixtures, special liner materials or fire extinguisher systems.

Adaptable Furniture Systems

In today’s laboratory environment, it is common for research requirements, equipment needs and personnel dynamics to evolve and as a result, more is required of the lab spaces that our valued customers are working in. Provincial Lab Systems offers a premium line of flexible furniture systems designed to provide space adaptability, mobility, ease of use and the option for future expansion within an evolving organization or growing facility.

Service Fixtures & Accessories

Provincial Lab Systems is a full-service provider of laboratory furniture—from major components such as laboratory casework and counter tops, to a full range of service fixtures and accessories that aid the lab in functioning efficiently and effectively. All service fixtures and fittings are designed and engineered by our industry leading manufacturers for superior performance and durability, while a variety of accessories and specialty items offer a complete solution for even the most complex of laboratory spaces.

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